Tour Striker Review" "Golf Training Aid Review - Tour Striker

The Tour Striker is a interesting golf helping aid which tarings your swing at the most important time in any swing, the point of impacting the ball. In the Tour Striker guide I go outline what makes this aid much different than other products and how it will help your golf swing and game play.

The Tour Striker has grown in popularity both online and among golfing professionals and instructors. This is because of its effectiveness in assessing your swing when you make impact with the golf ball. The Tour Striker has been endorsed by professional golfer Gary McCord and can be seen in use in various instructional videos and video reviews online.

The thing that makes the Tour Striker different from other training aids is very clear when looking at the club. At first glance the Tour Striker looks like a normal golf club which is great because it will help you perfect your normal golf swing. That means you'll essentially forget that you are using a training aid and swing naturally and normally. The club face is what stands out with this training aid. The face looks as though it has been ground down or wasn't manufactured properly. This is intentional. By removing the bottom edge of the club face golfers are no longer able to hit the ball in the air when they speed or scoop the ball off the ground. For this club work hitting down on the ball is essential. This means at the moment of impact your hands are in front of the ball and there is forward shaft lean toward the target.

One great deal about the Tour Striker is that results cannot be done fake. If you are not hitting the ball properly the golf ball will not go in the sky. Do not get disgruntled if the ball does not win the air when first using the Tour Striker it does take time to get used to getting into the proper position. When you do hit down the ball takes a high piercing flight. Just imagine how a professional golfer with a 7 iron. You will be one step closer to that.

This Tour Striker Review is not a training aid that you can use once and never look at again. Like becoming good at anything else it requires persistent time and effort as well as practice. This aid ensures that you are focusing your efforts in the proper direction. By getting in the proper position impact you will gain yardage and distance. This will make golf more fun and enjoyable, not to mention lower your scores.